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• SiC based UV sensors with 0 to 5 V voltage output
• measures intensities from 1.8pW/cm² up to 18W/cm²
• Broadband UV sensitivity or filtered for UVA, UVB, UVC or UV-Index spectral response
• GaP-chip based series for blue light hazard measurement
• various simple optics
TOCON catalog

Broadband UV
spectral sensitivity from 227 to 360 nm, peak wavelength 290 nm, sorted by irradiance.

spectral sensitivity from 309 to 367 nm, peak wavelength 331 nm, sorted by irradiance.

spectral sensitivity from 243 to 303 nm, peak wavelength 280 nm, sorted by irradiance.

spectral sensitivity from 225 to 287 nm, peak wavelength 275 nm, according to DVGW W294/3 and OENORM M5873, sorted by irradiance.

UV-Index (Erythema)
for UV-Index measurements according to CIE087, sorted by irradiance.

Blue light
spectral sensitivity from 390 to 515 nm, peak wavelength 445 nm, for blue light measurements, sorted by irradiance.

Galliumphosphide (GAP)
spectral sensitivity from 190 to 570 nm, peak wavelength 445 nm, for UV + VIS measurements, sorted by irradiance.
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