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- 100% touch-screen controlled
- dosimetry and datalogging
- digital signal conversion (CAN bus)
- UVTOUCH sensor not included
- digital multi-channel UV reference radiometer
- UV-DVGW-D or UV-OENORM-D sensor included
- incl. PTB traceable calibration according DVGW W294-3 and OENORM M5873
- 100% touch-screen controlled hand unit
Miniature UV datalogger for long-time monitoring of moving goods,
persons or animals, additional sensors e.g. temperature, pressure, rel.
humidity, illuminance (VIS) 2.000.000 data records.
UVMINILOG with 2 sensors
Two sensors with application specific characteristics
(UV broadband, UVA, UVB, UVC, erythema or v(lambda))
and a PC software is included.
Like UVMINILOG but smaller and less weight,
also available as IP67 version, shorter battery lifetime.
Sensor Monitor 5.0
Measuring and control module for monitoring
and automation of irradiation processes.
- Indication of radiation, dose and status information
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